Laszlo Beke

Laszlo Beke is an Electrical and Industrial Engineer, with more than 40 years of dedication to Information Technology in Venezuela and other LatinAmerican countries. He publishes a Blog in the Spanish language (Blog de Tecnología e Innovación Laszlo Beke  that has accumulates more than 220 articles covering numerous topics in these fields.

He has always been interested and read extensively in world history and politics and has the personal experience of having lived under communism in Eastern Europe and he has also been a refugee and emigrant. The publication of +58 Reports was born out of the concern of sharing with others life experiences and acquired knowledge and of the importance of being well informed. The internal situation of the countries, with a complex internal political situation, is always better understood and reported by foreign media. That is why +58 Reports contains lots of data from foreign sources, as well as analysis by important authors and think tanks. This has become doubly important once Venezuela became additionally a focal point of international conflict.

« Las cosas simples son también las cosas más extraordinarias
y solo los sabios pueden verlas ».

Paulo Coelho