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Venezuelan political and union leaders sent a letter this February 11 to the International Contact Group of the European Union, in order to make some clarifications regarding the situation in Venezuela. This before the Ministerial Declaration adopted on the 2nd of this month.

In that communication, a call is made to the political sectors and civil society to urgently advance in a process that leads to the resolution of the national crisis.

In that sense, the Venezuelan leaders indicated:

“It is obligatory for us to point out that the human and humanitarian tragedy that Venezuelans suffer today is the work of an oppressive regime, with reported links to the world of drug trafficking, terrorism and transnational crime organizations; which has motivated the international sanctions that have been imposed. This then represents a different experience from the well-known Latin American military dictatorships and it is an unprecedented budget that should be valued without restriction, if perhaps the recommendations of the Group that you represent and your respective governments have an interest in that this immoral reality, which also threatens the region, change in a real way ”.

And they add: “Making a good faith appeal from political actors and civil society implies confusing the behavior of a nation that is a victim with the actions of those who hold and support the dictatorship or benefit from it, internally and internationally. the international ”.

The regime takes advantage of the dialogues

Likewise, they emphasize that the efforts of the democratic factions are well known on repeated occasions, including negotiation processes mediated by the OAS and the Carter Center, which, they recall, ended up being a mockery by the regime.

They also mention that other negotiating processes such as that of the Dominican Republic and Barbados were used by the regime to stop social and political protest, as well as to mitigate complaints of serious human rights violations.

Resume negotiations

The letter specifies that paragraph 3 of the Declaration of the International Contact Group recommends the resumption of political negotiations that lead to free elections.

“We believe, in this order, that by demanding that the democratic resistance negotiate with their kidnappers and having nothing to offer in return, other than lowering or further limiting the human rights of Venezuelans, at the end such a negotiation can only lead to adherence to the proposals of the Maduro regime, namely, to hold the elections for governors and mayors that he has proposed, « they say.

The document asks the Group if it assumes Maduro’s permanence in power as fatal and inevitable.

“Having imposed, like the United States, sanctions against Maduro and the civilian and military actors who accompany him for considering them responsible for crimes against humanity and serious acts of corruption, do you consider it ethically correct that it is with them that you negotiate and deal with? the fate of the Venezuelan people, through the representatives that you devalue? ”they ask.

The letter is signed by Diego Arria, former president of the UN Security Council; Asdrúbal Aguiar, former governor of Caracas; Antonio Ledezma, former Metropolitan Mayor of Caracas; Humberto Calderon Berti, former Foreign Minister of Venezuela and former Minister of Energy and Mines; María Corina Machado, leader; Carlos Ortega, president of the Venezuelan Workers’ Confederation, and Enrique Aristeguieta Gramcko, former member of the Patriotic Board.

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