Why +58 Reports?


The political, economic and social situation of Venezuela is extremely complex, with changing events occurring practically daily and sometimes hourly. Venezuela is now also a focal point of an important global conflict that includes mainly principally United States, Colombia and Brazil on the one side and Cuba, Iran, Russia, China and Turkey on the other side. +58 Reports tries to facilitate the understanding of that which occurs in Venezuela and backs this with relevant news and articles that explain situations and facts


The Weekly +58 Reports, which in a summarized manner, prioritizes the key subjects of the week, providing explanations and comments associated. It always try to present the information in the context of a medium and long term view. It also provides daily news and articles related to Venezuela, categorized and with the corresponding link.  Access to the Weekly Reports produced previously.

«It has been said that Democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.».

Winston Churchill