VENEZUELAN President Nicolas Maduro called for vigilance on Saturday as he warned of a US terror plot aiming to disrupt national election campaigning in November.

The Bolivarian leader claimed the operation also hoped to influence the outcome of this week’s US presidential election with incumbent Donald Trump trailing his Democrat rival Joe Biden in the polls.

It is thought that the so-called swing states, including Florida, with its large Latino population, are key in the race to the White House and victory there could boost Mr Trump’s floundering campaign.

According to intelligence reports, foreign agents are planning terror attacks and acts of sabotage targeting Venezuela’s election process.

“We have captured information from sectors abroad that speak of November 1 and actions of attacks and violence to try, they say, to create the image of chaos and crisis in Venezuela. And, they say, try to turn the vote in the state of Florida,” Mr Maduro said in a televised address.

The “fascist far-right” in Venezuela is also accused of colluding with failed coup leader Juan Guaido and Colombian President Ivan Duque in a violent plot to destabilise the country, Mr Maduro alleged.

“I alert our people. Alert a thousand eyes, a thousand ears, a perfect civic-military-police union to safeguard peace, stability,” he said. “I say it with serenity, with poise, I say it to the people: We have not allowed it, they have not been able to and will not bring violence to our people or to the streets.

“Here, a free, diverse, happy electoral campaign will reign in a permanent dance,” he predicted.

Parliamentary elections will take place on December 6 for 277 deputies in the national assembly, which has been enlarged by 93 seats.

Source: MorningStar