People around the globe are witnessing the disintegration of an oil-rich country. Venezuela had the world’s fourth-highest per-capita income in 1950. Now it’s being ripped apart by record levels of poverty.

More than 90% of Venezuelans struggle to subsist. How did Hugo Chávez drive this once affluent, democratic country to ruin? This documentary goes in search of answers to that question. Filmmaker Laurence Debray has returned to her homeland to take stock and investigate the political, economic, societal and geostrategic reasons for Venezuela’s crisis. The film features interviews Debray did with then presidential candidate Chávez in 1998, and with Juan Guaidó in 2019. Multiple countries recognize Guaidó as Venezuela’s president, rather than the man who occupies the office, Nicolás Maduro. Debray also speaks with Venezuelans who are living through the daily consequences of Chávez’s revolution.

Source: DW